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      Find a Repair Shop

      You’ve been in an accident, filed a claim and now you need a local garage to fix your car. You can work with your favorite mechanic or one of our recommended auto repair shops.
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      claims assistance

      We know car accidents can be stressful
      situations, but we'll be there to guide you
      through the claims process.


      Find an auto repair shop near you

      We've put together a network of trustworthy repair shops, collision business and dealerships through ERIE's Direct Repair Program, so you can get the damage estimated, the repairs completed and get back on the road again

      Trained Techs

      The businesses in our program are included based on specific criteria for training, equipment and professionalism.

      Quick Estimates

      The repair shop you pick will send us the estimate, we'll review their details and then they'll get to work on your car.

      Quality Work

      The businesses we work with do high-quality work and offer guarantees on workmanship.

      It's always up to you to decide which local businesses you want to work with whether it's one that
      we recommend or the neighborhood shop that you trust. If you have any questions about the claims process or
      your insurance coverage, contact your local ERIE agent or your claims adjuster.